Felt Roof Repair

Felt roofs came along in the 60’s and were used everywhere: garages, porches, bay windows, schools, medical centres and on house extensions.

Unfortunately, the lifespan of a typical felt roof varies massively, due to a lack of consistency in the quality of roofing felts used, and the workmanship involved in installing felt roofing correctly (many a DIY felt roof has succumbed due to poor installation).

Bitumen based felt is also subject to damage from the sun – although this might be less of a problem in Fife, the occasional sunny summer day may be all it takes to allow the beginnings of a leak to form.

As the temperature rises the bitumen-based felt becomes soft. To combat this, the mineral layer is designed to protect the bitumen from the full impact of the sun, but this can be its undoing – any pressure applied to the coating (or something else on the roof) can result in stones etc. being driven through the felt, puncturing the roof membrane and allowing moisture in – soaking the timber below.

If your roofing felt looks split and worn, or you can see moisture creeping in, it’s best to deal with the underlying issue as soon as possible to prevent further structural damage.

Give us a call and we’ll be able to repair or replace the felt roof as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do insurance work/repairs?

Yes – we’ve worked with all major house insurers and are happy to undertake this type of work.

Do you supply written quotations?

Detailed written quotations are supplied and agreed before work commences.

Do you do structural work?

Yes – all aspects of roof repair, from the roof truss makeup to the slate/tiles/felt on the roof.

How long will it take?

Factors include, the condition of the existing roof, its age and its size. Some repairs can be completed in a day, others take much longer depending on the complexity of the job – we’ll do our best to give you an estimate before the job starts, but please bear in mind a lot of the work is weather dependent!

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes – all the work is guaranteed (parts and labour) – the length of the guarantee depends on the roofing material you choose, as each has a different expected lifespan:
12 years for felt roofs
15 year guarantee for tiled roofs
20 years for slate roofs
(Please note we don’t include storm damage in our guarantee)

Any claims made to guarantees given will require a hard copy to be shown before any works will be carried out. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep these guarantees safe. Shepherd Roofing and Slating will not be responsible for providing duplicate hard copies.

Can you match my existing roof tiles/felt/slate?

Yes – we can match almost any existing roof material.
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